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another borin day

i cant believe how bored i am.went to the co-op for sum essentails(baccy)and got asked for i.d AGAIN.its no longer funny,its fuckin annoying,the woman behind the desk was like "take it as a compliment"erm.....rite.of course.im nearly 21 n ur saying i dont look 16.yeah.funny bitch.
i find it strange tho that i can buy beer in asda,whitheads,booze buster,get into pubs n stuff,but i get asked for i.d for fags.ARGH.
my grans havin a party tomoz,so im makin apple pie.
alana came round twice ystday,once with melissa n bobby(crazy mutt),then again later.
kia was kinda nice wiv bobby,she didnt bully him as much as she could have done.

i so cannot be assed anymore.
ive got a drivin lesson on monday,yay.i havent been paid yet tho,so it looks like i'll be payin for that wiv my rent money.oops nevermind!!
my rents due sometime soon.
but they havent got any1 out to do the fire(still)and the gutters,so now they'll have to get someone out to rip the back bedroom wall off,dampcoarse it,then redecorate,and re carpet.oh lovely.

as usual i have nothing to do,coz im a billy no mates,so i have to fink of ways to amuse meself,other than watchin tv n takin the dog out.

well ive done my homework i was set by wendy,so no 1 can say i havent coz i have.i made it look good,so that when she puts it in my notes i'll be able to see what shes put about it,n whats written on pages after it etc.
plus i had nowt to do,and just writing a list was shitty,so i did a spider chart thingie(literally),so even if she doesnt like what ive put she can look at the pictures.

ive been looking on the net n stuff and have noticed that a lot of kids(aged like 11-15)in their journals/sites etc say stuff like "i used to be ana,but i only did it for a month""and i never saw a doctor""i want to be 10lbs lighter by summer" its starting to annoy me.(also no offence ment 2 ppl here but it mainly seems to b american girls).
its like its glamourous or something and u can turn it on and off when u want.
I FUCKING WISH(sometimes).
whatever happened to the proper sites where ppl met to talk about recovery n share what theyd bin thr n offer support n shit for ppl goin thru the same,everythin now seems to be kids talkin shit,n asking qus like how do i become ana,i wanna be ana.
i mean for fucks sake who in gods name would seriously,if they had a choice,choose to be ana....u dont just choose it,(what happenend to me was..)(i didnt even know i had a problem)from what has been worked out,it was an unconscious decision that my freaky self made,and now that i know,i have trouble changin it,coz ive lived with it so long,ive adapted my life round it.
everyday of my life for the past 5yrs has revolved around my ed.
how nice.
thats y i say im pro ana(like its a profession)its not meant to sound bad,its like going to college/work,you arrange ur life round it,thtas what i do.
mega excitin,maybe they shud make some kinda thing so that all these litttle teenies could experience everythin all in one go,so that it make it not glamorous.
i mean ppl wud still have ed's,but it wudnt be just for the sake of conversation,it wud b coz sommat was really trubling them n they cudnt cope,etc.

anyway thats my mranting done.
shitty windows media player is eating all our choons,even my hed album which aint a copy.
shitty thing.

new shooz

hopefully the piccy is one of my new shooz.kinda strange,but funky!

tiggers are wonderful things...............

your shit.

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god how exciting,ive opened all my christmas presents!
thanx lannie,4 da singin hamster!!!!!kia has tried to eat it only once tho,so she must like it!!
got soaked on my way up to my parents this mornin,so that pissed me off,i had to put all the stuff away in the kitchen from last night,my cupboards were empty,so that was fun for me.all that washing up gave me prune hands.but on the plus side my parents and bro didnt get food poisoning from my cooking.....so that was good!!

kia was acting like a nutter this mornin she flew into my rents house and started openin all her presents like the grinch was gonna come n nick em!!!
as usual i got a shitty present off my auntie from liverpool,n also 1 off my auntie liz(whose blind so she wont have picked it,it will have bin that tite bastard perve she calls her husband.SKANKY BASTARD)

watching the tigger movie in 1 min!!!!yay.
ive already watched peter kay(not like i havent already seen it 60 times)but this was my copy of it so it was better!!

had a mesage on me fone from me resettlement worker yesterday,saying hope u had a good meal on monday?????WHAT MEAL WAS THIS?????i wernt goin to a bloody meal.
god where do i get these people from????

Finally got to wear me new trainers that i bought from Newquay(yay)in october,i luv em,but have just realised that none of my socks really go wiv em.
ah well ..............the wonderful things about tiggers...................

no comment

oh how nice,sommat to cheer us all up

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how shit?

yay its snowed.so wot if it was only like a mm.it still snowed.
im still sposed to be goin out new year.but i dunt really wanna go.mainly coz its the anchor,which will b packed n full of nobheds.
went for another drivin lesson,in my(well lees)new car.it went ok.all the way to blackburn,without killin anyone!well i nearly flattened a packi against his car,but he shudnt ov bin in the road in the first place.
BOO HOO no Stargate.shitty rupert murdoch.bastards taken it off to put shit on over the festive period.
BUT on the plus side,got to watch 10th kingdom,and my gran went to accy 4 my scart adaptor,so i cud tape it(how fuckin sad am i?)

i can sorta drive by myself now,but today was 1 of those days were all i can seem to say is WHY?,that was wot i said everytime he sed sommat like into 2nd......i mean how fuckin dumb am i? ive been drivin for 3 mths n i still ask questions.NUMB BITCH.

i bought the strangles album today.hu fuckin ray 4 me.i only got it 4 the peaches song.
i cleaned the house yesterday,and now it doesnt look any different.i dont know why i bother.
thankfully no 1 rang to ask y i didnt go to k.g.hall.
in fact no 1 rang me except my gran and dad.

i have got exactly 21 crimbo cards.how pathetic.at least i can take em down soon.
along wiv the tree.
oh how festive my house looks.NOT.
i wish i cud pick my house up and drop it in the middle of nowhere,or maybe at a push newquay,wiv just a tiny little shop that sold good magazines n diet coke,n dog food,n had a cash machine.

my pooch has been thourghly enjoying ripping things up all day,n biting me.which reminds me.i took her on the park n there was this little kid takin a labrador puppy 4 a wlk,n it came boundin up 2 me n kia,so they messd round 4 a bit then i sorta sed hiya to the dog n it stole my fuckin glove.the cheek of it,anyway i got it back,n scarpered quick b4 it decided to devour me.

y is it so cold in my house?i have the heating on,n its warm enugh in my bedroom but freezin everywere else,i feel like im sat in a ice cave or sommat.
nevermind,my fur will keep me warm.

hello Dave

Wanna buy some pegs Dave??
You're my wife now......................

ah well

i didnt go to king georges hall.nevermind,at least i dont have to worry bout it anymore,but now im worrying about what my ressetlment workers gonna say.
i seriously need to go c my gp,but i hate her and im scared of her,but its pretty urgent that i go c her.
i wish she was on holiday so i cud c someone else,but all the other docs are male so PASS ON THAT 1!
i'll have to c if my social worker is in on monday and see what she says,coz if she can come wiv me(which wud b kinda embarassin) i cud cope wit seein her.
but otherwise im at a loss coz im not gettin any1 from my family to go with me,coz then id have to tell em,which wud be way to embarassin.
s ill try plan A n if that fails i'll wait till 1 of my support peeps can comewiv me,but that means more waitn and more worryin.
god y do things have to be so complicated.
awh my little pooch is curled up like a cat on my posh chair!!! she looks dad sweet.
im gonna have to post a piccy of her.
tis is why i hate christmas things always happen at christmas.
sw jades mum today,shed just bin to vists jades grave.its proper nice wt faeries n stuff.im gonna take her a christmas card up on monday.
cz i havent bin up 4 about 2 weeks....so im a bit overdue.
yis it when ur going to a cemetary 4 a chat there r always other peeps ee that sorta scen at u as if ur too young to be visitin some1 in ther?!?
that well pisses me off.

oh shat

My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

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