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for anyone thats interested:

there are plans in the pipelines for a new eating disorder unit to be built,theyre thinking of building it in blackburn(on the old bri site).


oh yeah!



on the + side

on my way home i saw lee n got a hug.

its a mad world...............

new year was goin ok,got to charlottes ok,then it rained then snowed,i killed some people on the sims(burned em alive)
we then proceded to the anchor,were i saw maxine.
everything was going fine for the first 10mins,then i saw PAUL.
lets just say my nite went downhill from there,for the 2 1/2 hrs i was there,i had nothing but abuse.

i find it kinda funny,
i find it kinda sad,
that in dreams in which im dying,
are the best ive ever had,
i find it hard to tell you,
i find it hard to take,
when people run in circles,
its a very...mad world.

oh so true

pissed off 1 red square

im going out tonight.to accrington.but im also coming back home tonight.
i so dont wanna go out,but its only a cuple of hours.n i can always come home.i hope.

Your score is 222.

its kinda like the ones u do b4 goin to burnley.
utter bullshit.
drove again today.was fun.BUT i "NEED MORE CONFIDENCE".(hense redbull!)(which i cant drink coz i wont be able to shut up)(its like im pilling,but cheaper and safer,unless im driving of course!)
i nearly shat meself on me lesson coz we decided to drive up a steep hill,so stupid me was like OH MY GOD,so i ended up drivin up a steeper hill.i have got to learn to keep my gob shut.
AARGHHHH,my theory next week.im nervous now,so god knows wot i'll b like nxt thurs.
kia is being her usual pain in da butt.
my gran had a party yesterday,it was fun.got to spend sum time wiv my cousins,who i hardly eva c!!
ha,lent my gran my trainers so she cud go to the spar 4 sum more t-cakes,ha u shud have seen her!!!
i is still freezing,it doesnt help the fact i have half of great harwoods birds living across from me house who wake up at about 4am just wen its nice n cold.1 of these days im gonna shoot the bloody blighters.
on a plus side there are a family of robins living there,which is cool.

i so cannot be assed,roll on 7th jan so i can c dawn,coz i have compiled some qus i wanna ask her.n i need to c her.

y wont my house warm up???im gonna scream if it doesnt get warm,unless its me.
god im addicted to peter kay,i mean i was before but now,its getting stupid.....

yay to 10th kingdom which has saved my life so far this christmas,but at weekends i have to watch..........stargate...yay.....

y is it wen ur looking for something on the tinternet u can never find it or it comes up at like no;600000000 on google.
they wanna get that soted out.
im waiting very patiently for my hair to grow some more then i can begin the dreadin process.my hair grows so slow its hardly grown any this year,i mean it grew from nothing but one side seems to be paralised,supposdly its linked to my bmi (bollocks,coz that effects just 1 side of ur head dont it.)

so its probably gonna be this time nxt year.boohoo.
im planning my 21st already,but it dunt really take much plannin since its startin at my house,but im getting stuff from puffeds so i ahve to plan now so i can order.

ah well.at least the cold burns more calories.yay to cold weather(but not in my house).

he he!!

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